Ultra-lean processes.

Standardized restorations are quick and easy to implement. The components are simply clicked onto the pre-mounted implant base. The one-stage procedure is indicated when the alveolar bone is sufficient for implantation and if good results can be assured both in functional and esthetic terms.

Using a deep-drawn splint and a shortened multifunctional cap, the temporary restoration can be fabricated very time-effective chairside, similar to a crown restoration.

Depending on the indication and the objective, iSy offers numerous other ways for efficient restorations in just one day.

The iSy packaging concept significantly simplifies the ordering process further. Compared with conventional implant systems where you have to order the individual accessories separately, a single order number will give you all the components required for temporary restoration with iSy after implantation.

The single patient form drill, which is also included in the pack, streamlines the surgical protocol - from initial marking with the round bur to pilot drilling (Ø 2.8 mm) through to final form drilling corresponding to the implant diameter (Ø 3.8/4.4/5.0 mm).

The pre-mounted implant base enables easy working at the abutment level. The click function allows simple mounting of the gingiva former to the pre-mounted implant base, or of the multifunctional cap for impression taking or for scanning, or of the temporary crown and new, also of the scanning adapter for Sirona. – This is iSy!

Countdown to more comfort.

iSy is designed for time-optimized workflows and reduced surgery with its packaging concept, the drilling sequence, and the pre-mounted implant base including accessories. This connects iSy with digital processes in prosthetics* and thus creates an added value for users and patients.

* Current possible with Sirona®

The clearly structured iSy Surgical and prosthetic set provides room for the most important instruments for inserting iSy Implants and for prosthetic restoration.

With iSy, the ultra-lean processes already start when ordering, as all parts necessary for initial restoration are included in one pack.

Marking the drilling site with the round bur

Pre-drilling the implant bed with the pilot drill

Drilling the final implant bed with the single patient form drill

Placing the implant

iSy drilling protocol: to the final prepared implant bed in only two depth drillings.