One abutment shift – One-shift.

Clicking instead of screwing.

By clicking instead of screwing, iSy makes handling of transgingival healing easier and more time-saving. With only a single abutment change, the workflows remain super lean and the treatment period comparably short.

Option 1:
Transgingival healing with the impression and a temporary restoration clicked directly on to the implant base. This option is the most time and cost-efficient and offers the advantage of not requiring a change of abutment.

Option 2:
Transgingival healing with the impression on the implant base and a restoration on pre-fabricated abutments or individual abutments (e. g. DEDICAM®). There is only one abutment change (one-shift).

In addition, you have the option of submerged healing with the Cover cap. Esthomic® Gingiva formers, Esthomic® Abutments and Impression posts are available for the classical two- stage procedure. As already mentioned – just in case.