The iSy Implant system

iSy is the lean implant system with a clear logical structure in proven CAMLOG quality. The iSy All-in-Sets give a real plus in performance and include numerous components which would normally have to be purchased separately. 

With its three different treatment options, working with iSy is more flexible and its easy handling results in a more efficient workflow.

Systematic versatility.

The iSy Implant system demonstrates its unique talents in numerous indications. Its intelligence allows the clinician to focus on what is most common in their everyday implant practice.

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Design and quality.

The characteristics and high quality of the iSy Implants are easy to see when put into practice. iSy is quality made by CAMLOG and the system components are manufactured in Germany.

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All in one click.

iSy comes complete with everything an implant case needs. Enclosed with the implants and its pre-mounted implant base, the all-in sets contain a single patient form drill, a gingiva former and two multifunctional caps.

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One platform.

iSy Implants are available in four lengths (7.3 mm, 9 mm, 11 mm and 13 mm) and three diameters (3.8 mm, 4.4 mm, 5 mm). This allows safe therapy of most indications.

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One-shift concept.

iSy makes handling of transgingival healing easier and more time-saving. With only a single abutment change, the workflows remain lean and the treatment period short.

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Ultra-lean processes.

Standardized restorations are quick and easy to implement. The components are simply clicked onto the pre-mounted implant base.

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CEREC® – The iSy way.

iSy has a particularly smart solution in store for CEREC® users: scan adapter and scanbody are simply snapped onto the pre-mounted implant base, no need for a screwdriver.

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The future is digital.

The iSy Implant system is connected by an interface to Sirona's  computer-aided design system CEREC® and fabrication processes for oral and laboratory scans.

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